Cross Lane & Great Oak 3.47m

From the Club, go left along Nantwich Road, turn left onto Alsager Road, right onto Cross Lane, before the last bend to the left that meets Hullocks Pool & Great Oak,  go straight across the public footpath path (field usually has 2 horses in) & comes out on Great Oak Road, go right & at the bottom of the bank turn right onto the public footpath (follows the stream) and into the Albert Street Park, carry on along Tickle Belly Entry (past cemetry) and out by Ravenmead school, cross the road & go round the side of the Methodist chapel onto New Road, go right then 1st left into Boyles Hall, go right up the track on 1st bend, go straight in the field, over stile and bare right, down the field back into Leddy’s field,up the steps to Hall street, over road down Dean Hollow, Chester Road and back to the club.


All runs start at Audley Cricket Club, Kent Hills Ground, Nantwich Rd, Audley, Stoke-on-Trent ST7 8DL