Audley Striders: Growing Together

Founded in December 2018, Audley Striders has evolved from a small group into a thriving, ever-growing community of runners. Each week, we welcome runners from the local area to train with us in a professional, supportive, and friendly environment. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, our club offers a place for everyone.

As a non-profit organization, we reinvest all our proceeds back into the club, continually improving our services and enhancing the experience for our members. We are grateful for the generous sponsorship from PAU, a local company with running and cycling shops in Trentham, Audlem, and Blakemere. Their support helps us provide a vibrant and well-equipped community for all runners.

What We Offer

Weekly Runs:

  • 5K Runs: Perfect for beginners or those preferring a shorter distance.
  • 7.5K Runs: A mid-distance option for those looking to challenge themselves.
  • 10K Runs: Suited for experienced runners seeking longer runs.
  • Jeffing Group: Combining running and walking intervals, this group caters to all fitness levels, particularly those easing into running.

Programs and Events:

  • Couch to 5K: A structured program to help beginners build up their running stamina and achieve a 5K.
  • Audley Festive 5K: Our annual event that combines running with the festive spirit, suitable for all.
  • Inter-Club Mashups: Friendly events with other local running clubs to foster community and camaraderie.

Our Unique Approach

At Audley Striders, safety and inclusivity are key. Our dedicated volunteers and qualified run leaders ensure that every session is safe and supportive.

We pride ourselves on our mustering system, where experienced runners loop back to join others. This keeps the group together, ensuring no one is left behind or separated. It’s a great way to encourage beginner runners to increase their distances and gain confidence.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

A special thank you to PAU for their continued support and sponsorship. Their generosity helps us maintain and grow our club, making it a welcoming space for all.

Join Audley Striders and experience the joy of running in a community that supports and grows together.

What our members say:

“I’ve been running with this club since January 2019, starting with their first Couch to 5K Course.  The club is very welcoming to all abilities, providing support and encouragement in a no pressure environment.”   Lee


“Brilliant club with some really great and supportive people” Lucy


“Such an encouraging group, great enthusiasm and very friendly” Victoria

“Before I joined Audley Striders Running Club back in January 2019, I hadn’t run since my school days and even then I used to do everything I could to get out of it!  When I first joined I could only run for 3 minutes and then I had to stop and walk, but after only 9 months I completed my first 10km competitive race and I managed to run the whole distance without stopping!  It was a great morning out, and lots of other club members were there too and taking part, so although I was nervous, they helped to reassure me.  Some Striders also just really kindly gave up their morning to come along and support us and it was so nice to see them there, cheering us all on.   Since joining the club, I feel much healthier physically and mentally.  It is such a friendly, community led club and it is lovely to see new friendships forming all the time both on running nights and at our club social events”   Katie