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Official Audley Striders Chat

To help our members to keep in touch with one another we have also created an additional ‘Official Audley Striders’ Facebook group page.   This is a private Facebook group, where members can make contact with one another outside of Club Runs. Perhaps you would like someone to join you on a leisurely Sunday morning run, or would like some company as you try to get in a bit of extra weekend training for a particular race, if so just use the group to post a message and wait for the responses to fly in!

You may also want to use it to find out if anyone is taking part in any local or even national races.  As we are such a big group we can pretty much guarantee there will always be someone else who will be already taking part or who will decide to join you, so you don’t have to attend on your own, if you don’t want to!

You can also follow us on our official Facebook and Instagram pages.


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