March News

Lighter nights are nearly here! We can’t wait for the better weather to get back on the fabulous trail runs that Audley and the area has to offer.

The Wammy parkrun 5th birthday and strider takeover

Please reply on Spond if you can make it. As there will be plenty of us volunteering the park run team are asking for pacers. If you would like to be a pacer please let us know. They are also asking for Easter Egg donations which will be donated locally through The Alice Charity. We have also been given 200 gingerbread men which will be on offer as the runners get their bar codes scanned.

Run Leaders

We now have the funds from the Betley Bonfire committee and have 2 members booked on the course. If you can read a map, chat to people and have a smile on your face then please consider becoming one. You would only have to lead once a month and it’s a really great way to meet other members you don’t normally get to chat to.

Away Runs

Hoping to start these on a Thursday at the beginning of April

Rome Marathon

Our very own Andy Pointon is running Rome Marathon this Sunday 19th March. You can follow this LINK to follow his progress. His number is 2531



Saturday 18th March Pie and Pea night with a quiz at Audley CC 7.30pm

Tuesday 21st March Bring a Plate to celebrate Chris’ 40th

Saturday 25th March Strider take over at the wammy park run

Thursday 11th May Mow Cop Killer Mile 


Please do share this with your friends and family and even try it out yourself. Walking is a brilliant way to start your fitness off!

5K Routes

Town Fields & Meadows Loop 3.48 Miles

Town Fields & Meadows Loop 3.48 Miles 3.48 miles / 5.6 km – Left along Nantwich Road, left onto Alsager Road, right onto the Wreck, go up onto Town Fields, go down & right to come out on path to right of the Football club, right onto Old Road, over main road...

Mill Dale & Black & White House

Mill Dale & Black & White House 4.11m Nantwich Road, Barthomley Road, Mill Dale, over fields to Big Black & White House, at the iron gates go across 2 fields & out onto Nantwich Road just across from Waggon & Horses & go left back to the club...

Cross Lane & Great Oak

Cross Lane & Great Oak 3.47m From the Club, go left along Nantwich Road, turn left onto Alsager Road, right onto Cross Lane, before the last bend to the left that meets Hullocks Pool & Great Oak,  go straight across the public footpath path (field usually has...

Lines, Thatched Cottage at Miles Green & Apedale

Audley Striders Lines, Thatched Cottage at Miles Green & Apedale run 3.6 miles (5.8k)  - majority off road so a pit stop for the stiles: Nantwich Rd, Chester Rd, Dean Hollow, Hall Street, over fields to the Lines, off at Miles Green, left on to Miles Green Road,...